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ON RETIREMENT... or at least slowing down:

I began practicing law in 1972. For forty-three years I’ve had the joy and privilege and frustration of helping people face a multitude of challenges in their lives:

  • Working people struggling for better conditions in their places of employment;
  • Men and women changing and trying to move on with their lives through divorce;
  • People facing mortality as they drafted Wills and medical directives;
  • People whose lives have been shattered as a result of injury caused by others seeking some degree of compensation;
  • Prisoners seeking adequate medical and mental health care during their years in prison;
  • People trying to halt the excesses of government, particularly in an age of so much fear and dread after 9/11: challenging an unprecedented surveillance program by the government with little or no monitoring by the courts; challenging the involuntary extension of a military enlistment contract; seeking to understand why they have been placed on a list by their government which prevents them from flying.

Although I will continue doing some civil rights and international human rights work, I will no longer be doing “paying” cases. I’m certain I will miss that work, and most of all meeting with people, learning their stories.

If you are seeking help with some of these issues, let me recommend attorneys for you to contact:

Family Law/Divorce: Will and Probate: Serious Injury Cases: Employment Law:
Michael Yates (503) 224-7077 Peggy Hennessy (503) 777-5473 Bill Gaylord (503) 222-3526 Ashlee Albies (503) 221-1792
Susana Alba (503) 496-3994 Hala Gores (503) 295-1940
David Bean (503) 228-8448 Dean Gibbons (503) 235-9085

I wish you the best.

Steven Goldberg